Spreads & Margins

Trading margins explained

A "Margin" is the difference.

Forex margin trading is when you trade currencies backed by a fractional deposit of money. The deposit serves as collateral to your account.
The margin is measured in percentages from the total value of the position.

For example a 1% margin of a $1,000,000 USD/JPY position is $10,000. What this means is that in order for somebody to buy $1,000,000 of USD/JPY, you would need to put down $10,000 or a 1% margin.

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Forex Pricing

No Commissions on MetaTrader 4 platform

  • No base/ticket charge

  • No minimum fees

  • Tradeview makes money on each forex trade from a small markup embedded in the spread, which is the difference between the bid price and the ask price

Fractional Pips

  • Tradeview offers you fractional pips

  • You gain an extra digit of precision so that you can take advantage of smaller price movements and tighter spreads

Forex Spreads (in pips)