cTrader Copy

cTrader Copy is formerly known as cMirror, which now functions as a flexible investment platform and a fully integrated feature of cTrader.

ctrader copy

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A Copy Trading Software

cTrader Copy is a copy trading application that was formerly known as cMirror. cTrader Copy allows traders or investors the opportunity to copy or mirror the trading strategies of sophisticated and professional money managers already using the cTrader platform. Tradeview investors will have the opportunity to copy trading strategies from thousands of different providers across all cTrader brokers worldwide.

Benefits for Users

All cTrader clients have the opportunity to copy someone else’s trading signals or become a strategy provider themselves!

Strategy Providers

  • Opportunity to advertise your trading strategy to thousands of cTrader clients
  • Ability to open a cTrader account with Tradeview and start offering your signal using cTrader Copy right away
  • Receive your commissions that are collected from each investor in real-time, right away into a separate rebate account
  • Choose how much you would like to charge for your trading signal or strategy (no set price)
  • Low latency – Tradeview offers some of the fastest execution and world class liquidity with our custom Innovative Liquidity solution which is connected to cTrader Copy


  • Full transparency – investors have the ability to view the complete trading history of each signal provider
  • Ability to copy the trading strategy for sophisticated signal providers and money managers across all cTrader brokers, not just Tradeview
  • Risk management settings to allow each investor to set parameters to meet their risk appetite
  • You have full control to start and end the copy trading service at any time
  • Communicate directly with the signal or strategy provider before and during the sign up process to answer any of your questions or concerns

Fee Structures

Strategy providers have the ability to charge their investors fees using different methods on cTrader Copy


Volume Based Commissions

Strategy providers have the ability to charge their investors a fee based on the volume that their cTrader account generates. The volume fee will be added for opening and closing of the positions and will be quoted as a per million USD traded basis.

Performance Based

The most popular method used by most cTrader Copy trading signal providers is a performance based fee. Signal providers are able to charge their clients a certain percentage of their investors Return on Investment (based on a high water mark)

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