CURRENEX, A reliable platform that will meet your needs in trading

A definition of CURRENEX: Is a currency platform for active traders, which works through an electronic foreign exchange used by institutional and corporate buyers.  Currenex is usually oriented towards experienced traders; it has advanced features such as, being able to see the market depth and also one-click trading. 

The platform uses innovative technology suitable to use in order matching and liquidity aggregation, it also helps users to add liquidity streams for more than 60 banks.  Currenex is a very useful tool for traders; it is also recognized for its efficacy, reliability and wide spectrum of apps. 
Clients who use Currenex represent the range of foreign exchange and money markets that participate on either side of the market. One of them is the sell side; where over 60 leading banks represents Latin American, North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The other side is the buy-side which includes major multinational corporations, broker dealers and funds. 
The platform offers you the opportunity to build the screen depending on your preferences, showing only the information you need for trading. Also, allows order management, visual access and you can modify any orders in an easy manner. 
Another advantages, are that you will get extremely tight spreads, rapid order execution and advance charting. If you use all those tools in the platform to become an active trader, you will get the benefits and results you are looking for. 
These are few terms and conditions that you should be aware of before using Currenex:  Assent to terms and conditions of service, Registration and user Authenticators, Further registration of use, Communication between users, Intellectual Property, Linking and Framing, Disclaimers of Warranties and among others. 
You will be using an independently award-winning service, which is dedicated to serve a full trading range represented by its clients. Currenex is a combination of independent ownership, market expertise and client focus, which will deliver solutions to adjust the commercial interest of buyers and sellers.