Forex broker – Is your trading good enough for $10,000?

Forex BrokerForex broker strategies, skills and emotions are usually put to the test when the market opens and adrenaline starts to move to the beat of financial fluctuations.
And now, the chance to oscillate under the same real market conditions as the pros — without risking actual capital — and gain trading experience while having the chance to win some cash is here for all forex brokers and enthusiasts out there.
Welcome to the most attractive forex broker competition:  skilled contestants from all over the world test their trading abilities by improving a $100,000 worth of “fantasy equity” while competing for the big $10,000 prize of real money.
It began on Thursday, June 7th, 2012, and for the next three months, Unitrader has launched the its “Summer Fantasy Markets Contest”, which will allow all Unitrader users a chance to test their investment skills by trading $100,000 in equity and go for top trader.
Entering is really simple. Just log into  and click on the “UniTrader Summer Fantasy Markets Contest” link and fill out your information.
Creating your account is totally free of charge and so is downloading the Unitrader platform. Once you log in, your name will automatically appear among the contestants.  Now you are all set and ready to trade!
UniTrader gives you the chance to develop your winning portfolio strategy with a list of 25 ready-to-use stocks and other financial instruments which you can modify to your trading needs. You can trade with a big forex broker selection of Stocks, ETF’s, Currencies, Metals and Stones.
Contestants will be provided with real-time updates, efficient software capabilities, real market conditions and all the necessary information to pave their way to the $10,000 prize.
The UniTrader’s “Summer Fantasy Markets Contest” is also a great way of having your trading skills recognized by peers and potential clients alike.
Even though every competitor trades to win, there is a lot to be gained just by entering. You can start making a name for yourself in the currency trading world and sooner than later you might even achieve the necessary skill level to become a full-time forex broker.
And for international traders, the UniTrader’s “Summer Fantasy Markets Contest” offers a multilingual interface, so you can trade in your native language to help you become a real contender for that grand prize.
Remember, you can join the contest any time from now until September, so if you think your trading is good enough to get you $10,000, don’t wait any longer — enter now!