Forex broker – White label Partnership

Forex brokerThe forex broker White Label program is especially designed for individuals and financial institutions who want to create their own forex brand and achieve a recognized and steady presence in the Foreign Exchange market.
Setting up a forex trading firm can be very costly and time consuming in terms of establishing proper infrastructure, acquiring regulatory approval and hiring specialized staff.
But with the White Label Partnership individual brokers can now offer their client list the most efficient and cutting edge technology, with an experienced technical support team assuring safe operations every step of the way and a fully branded and customized GTS trading platform.
A White Label Partnership will provide any forex broker or institution with a number of exciting benefits that will get their own trading brokerage business going strong.
– Fast start of the online business with extensive continuous support from the primary broker.
– Avoiding the costs of setting up and running a full dealing business model, which requires licensing.
– A highly visible website in the language of the forex broker choosing fully branded with his company logo, color scheme and the specific “look and feel” the broker desires.
– A fully functional trading platform that allows the broker to set his own dealing spreads and commissions.
– All the necessary tools to fully work with customers and commissions by opening accounts, accepting deposits or withdrawals and monitoring reports.
– Working with own clients instead of referring them, and being able to control the business to a larger degree.
Partners will also benefit from a forex broker “assist module” which allows the partner to handle trade and general inquiries without needing to contact the service provider directly.
The ideal candidates for a white label partnership are:
-Financial services companies that want to trade in the foreign exchange market in a safe, fast and cost-effective way such as banks, insurance companies and futures brokerage firms.
-Trading firms and /or online brokers that want to offer a value-added service with a greater range of products to their customers while increasing the profitability of the firm.
– Companies such as websites, newsletters or user forums which offer analysis of the Forex market, the futures market and/or current political and economic news and that want to expand their web presence by offering Forex online tools to their existing client base.
A White Label Partnership is the most lucrative way to establish forex brokerage status without having to set up your own brokerage firm, so get your own White Label Partnership and reach your customers with a high-quality forex service.