Forex Introducing Broker: Reach for the Stars

Forex Introducing BrokerForex introducing broker programs have quickly become a staple of all major online brokerages. Brokerages are beginning to realize that the best way to recruit new clients is through their peers. This is because when it comes to online business, i.e. business for which geographic is location is not an important factor; trust is the number one factor that determines the likelihood of a sale.

A Forex introducing broker is a valuable asset because they form personal relationships with their clients and help to guide their careers. Let’s meet with an introducing broker now to find out more about this exciting career.

Do you trade Forex?

Not at this moment, I may start trading again soon though. My job is to find people who may be interested in finance and have capital to invest but who are not necessarily very familiar with foreign exchange. I show them how they can easily turn their interest into a profitable career either trading full time or trading part time to subsidize their income. A Forex introducing broker helps their clients in other ways as well; they often train new traders to use trading software as well as providing a wide range of useful Forex contacts.

Why don’t new traders always work directly with brokerages?

As I mentioned before trust has a lot to do with it. Aside from that, new traders often require a high level of personal attention and that’s exactly what they get from a Forex introducing broker. Larger brokerages often simply do not offer that level of care, especially for low volume traders.

What are the advantages of working as a Forex introducing broker?

The main advantage is that you earn rebates on your clients’ trades. Not only does this provide a healthy income it encourages introducing brokers to work hard and really help their clients, as well as to recruit only the most suitable candidates for Forex trading.