Forex online trading – UniTrader Summer Fantasy Markets Contest

Forex online trading Forex online trading brings the trading opportunity of a lifetime to all forex enthusiasts out there who want to test their trading abilities and compete against other brokers for a $10,000 grand prize.
Beginning June 7th, 2012 and going for the whole summer, the UniTrader Summer Fantasy Markets Contest will allow all UniTrader users the opportunity to test their trading knowledge and style, improve a $100.000 fantasy equity over a three month period and go for the $10.000 grand prize.
The first requirement to be part of this incredible forex online trading opportunity is to register at the UniTrader website, download the UniTrader platform and create a UniTrader Fantasy Markets Account.
Upon creating the account, contestants will have a choice of 25 preselected Stocks, ETF’s, Currencies, Metals, Stones and other financial products to choose from. These are the 25 instruments that can be displayed in the Market Rates Window, but brokers can trade any product they want.
To create their portfolio, forex online trading contest participants can remove instruments they don’t want to trade with and replace them with their own selection by clicking on “Stock Finder” and selecting the products that look best for them.
As stated before, each contestant’s portfolio starts with $100.000 Fantasy Equity. The main goal of each contestant is to increase the value of their own Equity over time. The contestant with the highest Equity at the end of the contest period will be eligible to win the big $10.000 big prize.
Contestants can allocate all Equity or part of it among the instruments of their choosing. They can also place Market, Limit or OCO entry orders as well as Stop, Trailing Stop or Limit exit/entry/closing orders.
It`s important to know that each forex online trading instrument contestants will trade with has its own trading time. For Stock and EFT’s trading time is from Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm ET. For Currencies, the market is open from Sunday to Friday, but be aware that the market opens at 5pm ET on Sunday and is open 24 hours, closing at 4:30 pm ET on Friday. For Metals and Stones the trading time goes from Sunday to Friday, the market also opening at 5 pm ET on Sunday and closing on Friday at 4 pm ET.
Whether you are a forex online trading expert or are just a beginner, don’t miss this incredible opportunity to get a taste of what the real market has in store for you and earn the chance of winning $10.000. Remember that you can join the contest anytime during its duration, so register now!