Forex rebates – Trade you way to more profits

Forex RebatesForex Rebates are the most reliable way of receiving money back for all your closing trades in your forex trading, and is as simple as opening a free forex account, choosing the IB that best suits you and start trading.

Gone are the days where earning money back through rebates was a complicated task. Each trading company has a relation with the broker in order to provide rewarding returns to the customers.  All they have to do is provide new clients to brokers and in return, everytime you place an order in the market, the brokers give commission to them. The refunds are then sent to the trader.

The amount of money you can earn thorugh forex rebates depends on three variables. The volume you trade, the frequency of your trading and the size of the rebates you will receive.

Rebates can get as high as 0.5 pip if you consider that typical market spreads for major currency pairs oscillate between 0.9 and 3 pips. The best thing is that the forex rebates you receive do not depend on the outcome of your trades but rather from the spread.

Also, you can get refunds for both winning and losing trades. If the original trade closed a profit, the rebate will increase the profit and if the trade closed at a loss, rebates will reduce the loss.

If you are a beginner and don’t have a forex broker to trade with, you still have access to the general information and key points of each broker your trading platform is affiliated with. These key points will guide you through your selec tion process based on factors such as requirements to open an account, minimum trading volumes and the size of the spreads, among others.

Usually, these platforms are totally independent of all these brokers but choose to work with  those that clients direct them to, so they have both a reputation and a client list behind them.

You can also receive forex rebates from one or more brokers on multiple accounts. There is no limit on the number of accounts or brokers you can trade with.

Rebates are paid once a month for trades made the previous month, usually through a Pay Pal account, ACH or bank wire, moneybookers. Please be aware they all have different rebates fees, minimum payments and some don´t offer international service.

If your rebate for a specific month doesn`t meet the required amount for payout it will carry over until you have enough.

So if you’re interested in a way of making extra money, effortlessly and with no risk, forex rebates are the way to go. Sign up now and start trading your way to more profits!