Forex Specialized Marketing: How a Broker Grows

Forex specialized marketingForex specialized marketing is the only way for a small or medium sized brokerage to take it to the next level. As Forex increasingly moves online it makes sense to have a dedicated online marketing strategy for your brokerage, as well as capitalizing on more traditional methods. However it’s not wise to let just any online marketing team handle your campaign; Forex is a unique industry and promoting a brokerage requires intimate knowledge of the market and how it works.

A Forex specialized marketing team knows how to increase a broker’s sales, not just the traffic to their website. One tool that online marketing teams utilize is search engine optimization. This involves generating content and optimizing it in such a way so as the client’s website appears as a prominent search result for key industry phrases, e.g. ‘Forex trading online’. A Forex specialized marketing team can identify the phrases most relevant and potentially profitable for a broker, as well as assess how difficult it would be to attain positioning for those phrases.

Other methods that marketing teams employ include Google Ad-Words and web banners. Ad-Words are sponsored ads that Google displays above organic search results, Google charges for each click your ad receives. Again a marketing team will be able to identify the optimal keywords and make the daily necessary adjustments which enable a campaign to be successful.

Another big way of marketing a Forex brokerage is by utilizing introducing brokers. Introducing brokers have a reasonable knowledge of Forex trading but don’t actually trade themselves. Instead they seek out people who would be interested in trading, explain to them the benefits of trading, and help them to set up an account and trade successfully. An introducing broker earns commissions on their recruit’s trades so it is very much in their interest to amass as many competent traders as possible.