Forex White Label: A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Forex White LabelMany of the world’s top introducing brokers got to where they are today by taking advantage a good white label. A Forex white label is a mutually beneficial relationship between an established Forex broker and a reputable introducing broker that wants to enhance their presence in the market.

A Forex white label is when a well known Forex broker endorses an introducing broker, permitting them to use the name of the broker and affiliated branding, as well as a host of other assets such as free Forex trading software. In exchange the introducing broker forwards their clients to the white label. The white label then earns a proportion of the client’s trades.

There are two major advantages of white labeling for the white label. The first and obvious reason is simply to increase their income through the trades their clients make. Secondly white labeling helps brokers to raise awareness of their brand by increasing their exposure. By associating themselves with reputable introducing brokers white labels improve their image; they also wrestle the best introducing brokers away from the competition and maintain the benefits for themselves.

For introducing brokers there are a number of advantages. A Forex white label raises an introducing broker’s profile and instantly garners trust. Due to the possibility of potentially devastating Forex scams the value of trust cannot be overstated. The introducing broker usually makes a number of valuable contacts as a result of their association with the white label.

As introducing brokers often start their Forex career in that position they usually benefit greatly from the experience and guidance of their white label. While most introducing brokers work in the financial sector before entering the Forex, thus the access to potential clients, many need time to get to grips with the specific dynamics of Forex trading.

In the end introducing broker’s success is determined by the volume and quality of contacts they amass, most give themselves every possible advantage by bearing a quality white label.