Gold Trading, an overview to determine your options in the market

Precious metals like gold are great for investment. Gold price is generally shown as a strong fund in the market. Nowadays, investors believe that is more reliable to have gold bars rather than stocks or bonuses, this is why gold has become a great lifesaver for European investors and also Americans, they believe is a really safe commodity within the market.

According to the latest reports in, Central Banks, which own 18 percent of all the gold records, will add the valued of 15 billion this year, they bought the biggest quantity of tons since 1964 (535 tons in 2012).  
Although, gold reserves in the most important market around the world:  “COMEX”, has shown a noticeable drop. The responsible of it is the HSBC bank, which is the founder of the market and also a client of COMEX.  With this drop, the amount of gold of HSBC has reached a historical minimum of 3.155.000 ounces, divided between eligible gold and registered gold. 
After those drops, investors might wonder if is true or not how good gold can be in the market. There are some good ways to invest in gold; any investor could choose the best option to go for in the market. Firstly, through Direct  Ownership , secondly,  Gold Exchange – traded funds then Gold Mutual Funds, Junior Gold Stocks, Gold Options and futures.
However, commodities like gold are a good source of investment even though sometimes, any investment can carry risks, it is important to determine and identify the different stocks that are in the market and then analyze the best option to go for. As an investor, remember to watch the performances in the charts, it will give you an idea of how the market is doing and also to determine any transaction with your commodities.  
If you are interested in make an investment in gold, find the right moment to do it, analyse your possibilities and find proper advice, remember that getting enough information and taking time to decide will save you future headaches. 
In conclusion, you have to be aware of the danger an investment might have, it depends of how you will manage your funds and how well you plan your actions. Take time to double check the current options following up market trends and obtain the best result for your benefit.