Introducing Broker: Advantages of hiring an introducing broker

For traders that are starting in the foreign exchange market- Forex is not a very clear to the new trader.

What is the role of an Introducing Broker and how they can help traders? Usually, Forex training does not explain what a Forex IB is or descriptions about what they actually do.

For traders especially, and for those who are just starting, an Introducing Broker can provide many benefits. 
An experienced introducing broker can provide advice on the markets. This will increase the knowledge of the new trader making the learning process faster and simpler. Many of them have worked in the Forex market for several years and they have a lot of understanding of each detail of the market. They will share all the information with their clients in order to increase the number of successful trading operations that are executed. IB Forex researches a lot on the markets which allows them to see the whole situation which can be translated into profitable trading.
An IB Forex has a lot of contacts, good contacts. Working with an introducing broker with a good reputation will give the trader a good reputation as well. The introducing brokers job is to make relationships with interesting contacts involved in Forex market. 
Mistakes are common when a trader is just starting; it is normal to lose money at the very beginning. Hiring an Introducing Broker can prevent those mistakes and instead of losing money the newbie can make some profit.
Another advantage of hiring an introducing broker is that they have privileged customer attention with brokerage firms. The reason for this is that brokerage firms focus on customer services for those clients with huge investments and they don’t care too much about little investors. As an introducing broker has a lot of clients they have big investment so they are considered important for those companies. 
It is common to be reluctant to hire an IB Forex because of the fees that they charge, but the truth is that they don’t charge too much. Hiring an introducing broker can be the difference between losing money and making a profit.