Introducing Brokers Forex: What is an IB?

Introducing Brokers

An Introducing Brokers Forex gives people the means to create an income stream by introducing clients to trading firms like Tradeview Forex.

By partnering with Tradeview Forex, Introducing Brokers, or IBs, will have access to a number of trading platforms, including the powerful and dynamic MetaTrader4 system.
With Tradeview Forex, IBs can enjoy some of the most attractive pricing and commission payouts in the industry, up to 400:1 leverage, and multi-account management software (which can automatically manage up to 100 accounts at same time).

Becoming an Introducing Broker for Forex trading is profitable in a few different ways.

Brokers can refer new clients to Tradeview Forex, and then the trading firm itself can walk the new trader through the process of opening an account – or they can sign on for our White Label solution. A White Label solution is a Forex trading platform branded with the IB’s company logo. Tradeview will also work with an Introducing Broker Forex to help them set up a financial management company. In any case, IBs are in a position to make lucrative commissions and build their business.
For convenience, an Introducing Broker Forex can direct their efforts in marketing and acquiring new clients, while Tradeview Forex will handle all the back office services. These services include dealing with account related documents, setting up accounts for new clients, tracking margin levels of our traders, and providing account balance statements.
Tradeview will also work with an Introducing Broker Forex help them set up a financial management company. We work with you from start to finish – from designing website to opening merchant account. This kind of business best suited for people who have a passion for financial freedom and are tired of making money for someone else.

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