Metatrader 4 is Taking Over the World

Metatrader 4rMetatrader 4 is taking over the world right now. Already the world’s most popular Forex trading application, Metatrader continues to leave the competition lagging farther and farther behind. This continued progress is all the more remarkable considering MetaQuotes have always emphasized the same principals across all the applications in the Metatrader line. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Metatrader 4 a winner.

Compared to other trading applications Metatrader 4 is deceptively simple and accessible. Metatrader 4 utilizes a clear graphic interface to facilitate trading and analysis of real time market data. Metatrader’s accessibility extends to the very code itself; as a result the application can be downloaded in a matter of minutes, runs smoothly and quickly on even dated hardware and offers a high degree of flexibility that other platforms lack. MetaQuotes have catered for a global market from the beginning by including generous language options with every iteration of their program.

Metatrader 4 made headlines on arrival for the exceptional quality of advanced technological features such as automated trading and a highly realistic (and thus useful) practice mode. New traders who worry they may not have sufficient time to commit to trading are reassured to find that automated trading cuts their daily workloads considerably. Instead of having to manually enter every single order traders can simply describe the orders they want placed under what circumstances and they get carried out automatically.

Practice mode allows traders to practice trading strategies by electronically simulating trades. As Metatrader 4 receives a constant stream of Forex data it’s easy to get highly accurate figures and thus develop elaborate, effective trading strategies. This is a massive boon for new traders, especially those with no formal background in finance who might need a little time to nail down the basics. Last but not least Metatrader 4 is the most secure trading program on the market.