Metatrader 4: The Pinnacle of Online Trading

Metatrader 4Metatrader 4 is the most successful online trading application in the world and not surprisingly considering it surpasses the competition in terms of all the key elements: accessibility, features and security.

The rise of online trading has resulted in a massive influx of new traders. Forex newcomers need an application that allows them to discover and master the art of trading currencies without costing them a fortune in money and man hours. For this reason accessibility is the main emphasis of Metatrader 4 with an easy to use interface and a range of language options.

Another boon for newcomers is the possibility of figuring out effective trading strategies without bearing the losses that often accompany experimentation. Metatrader’s demo mode allows traders to do exactly that by enabling them to trade currencies against real time Forex data with ‘fake’ money to see how they would have worked out for real.

Further insight can be gained by playing around with Metatrader’s ‘electronic advisor’ feature. These enable traders to set alerts if some specified Forex event occurs, for example if the dollar drops below a certain value. Electronic advisors can also be programmed to make trades automatically so for example if the dollar drops to a certain value your electronic advisors can automatically start buying gold. Let the robots do the work!

Security is another top priority of Metatrader 4. Unfortunately Forex scams are a reality and in order to minimize your exposure to thieves and con-artists you need an application that keeps your precious data secure. Metatrader’s 128 bit security code is just the thing to help you sleep soundly at night.

Metatrader 4 is the by far the most popular online trading platform and this has more significant implications than what’s hot and what’s not. If you wish to communicate effectively with the greatest number of brokers you need to be using the same software and that means Metatrader is the only way to go.