Metatrader 4: The trader’s favorite

Metatrader 4 is one of the most used platforms since it is flexible and user friendly. Created to supply trading solutions for Forex, CTD’s and futures, MT4 offers a wide variety of options to make trades.

To be able to trade, traders need a program that provides information about the market conditions and the specific tools to analyze quotes, make trades and build up strategies.

Some traders need to travel and move around, the good news is that they can download MT4 in their mobile devices for free.

To download and set up MT4 is a simple and quick process. Most brokers offer this platform and usually they give a guide to use the platform, moreover, it is possible to find step by step videos about how it works and there are also forums that might be helpful when starting to trade. 
There are two types of accounts that can be opened in Metatrader 4. The first type of account is a demo account. The demo account simulates the trading in the same environment of the real market; that way, traders can practice to build the necessary skills to create a strategy for when the real trading begins. All of this is done without real money, which means no losses and no profit. And the second type of account is the real account. This real account is when you deal with real money and real profit.
Some of the reasons to choose and download MT4 include the possibility of customization and also the auto trading features that virtually eliminates the necessity of placing orders one by one. All that is needed is to set up some parameters and the platform will perform your trading, that way you won’t need to be stuck in front of your screen.