Metatrader White Label: Offer your Clients the Best

Metatrader White LabeMetatrader white label programs enable you to offer your clients the world’s best trading application. Not surprisingly that’s a pretty big boon and will net you a major sales increase.

‘Hold on, what makes Metatrader 4 so special?’

Put simply: everything. Metatrader 4 bests the competition in just about every manner imaginable including accessibility, customizability, security, quality of features and more. Let’s go through some of that in more detail.

Of all the features Metatrader 4 can boast, accessibility is undoubtedly the most important. The last decade or so has scene Forex trading transform from an elitist niche of the financial sector to a vibrant equal opportunities market. Now dedicated professionals can manage a trading career alongside other obligations, all from their own homes.

As the majority of traders are new, untrained and unfamiliar with Forex lexicon they need an application that’s clear and simple. The intricacies of trading Forex have unfortunately led some software developers to produce complex, all encompassing programs with cluttered, unfriendly interfaces.

Metatrader 4’s interface is clear and simple. Of course if you want to be inundated by graphs and charts you can have that too. Metatrader 4 is fully customizable making it the appropriate platform for traders of all levels. This emphasis on accessibility/customization extends to Metatrader’s generous language options, with a variety of diverse territories well represented.

Metatrader’s 128 bit security code means your sensitive data couldn’t be safer. Metatrader’s electronic advisors and indicators allow for a liberating level of automation.

With a Metatrader white label you can offer your clients Metatrader 4 and a host of other MetaQuotes products, such as their MAM software and MT Bridge system. In order to be successful as an introducing broker you need to win your client’s trust and respect. You won’t be able to do that if you’re offering mediocre software, so invest in a Metatrader white label today.