MT4 Download: The Best Trading Platform

Metatrader 5 MT4 download users will attest that there is no better or more flexible trading platform around. Most brokers offer a MT4 download as their primary trading platform for a number of reasons. Firstly as the vast majority of new business for brokers comes from first time traders it makes sense for brokers to offer a highly accessible trading platform. Not only is MT4 clear, simple and easy to use, its large user base means that there is a great deal of support for the platform online.
There are literally hundreds of how to videos explaining how even the most advanced features work. In addition there are thousands of forum posts out there discussing the platform and how to get the most out of it; it is unlikely that you will be able to find as much information about a more obscure trading platform.
The good news is that a MT4 download succeeds in offering this accessibility without compromising sophistication. MT4 provides users with an effective set of tools for both analyzing the market and executing trades. Traders receive market data instantly via their real time feed and can forward the appropriate orders directly to their broker with no delay. This style of trading is a far cry from the days when traders were glued to the phone all day trying to get in touch with their broker.
If you’re still not sure which trading platform to go for you should try MT4 out in demo mode. Most brokers will set you up with a demo account for free so you can get to grips with the platform and trading Forex in general without having to risk your hard earned money. There are literally thousands of brokers out there and they differ greatly in terms of size, services and quality of customer service; contact one today and start trading.