Multiple Accounts Manager, it is a powerful, smart tool to help you in many ways

Let’s start giving a definition of what is a Multiple Account Manager.  A MAM is an excellent, dynamic tool which will help you track, open, close and also modify trade positions with really simple steps. 

You can handle multiple accounts, track unlimited accounts, overview of open trades, balances and margin levels, simultaneous placing, modifying or deleting multiple pending orders. And even more advantages such as, news, alerts, streaming trading, and opening of hedge positions. 

Multiple Account Manager is designed for Money Managers who use MetaTrader 4. It is a great choice for traders that manage multiple accounts with Expert Advisors. All managed accounts can be traded by a MetaTrader 4 client terminal.

MAM has been designed to keep maximum speed and reliability of execution; however MT4 is integrated into the server where all the processing in centralized and server based. As a result, many accounts can be traded easily without delays in allocations.  

In the market, brokers can find various tools to improve their trading, to obtain better organizational standards.  Trading Platforms in general give traders the ability to make their transactions easy, simple and organized as well as the ability to access to the market in real time. 
User friendly software like MAM, offers you a smart, neat and powerful way to trade with 3 allocation methods: Lot, Percentage and Proportional, which allow expert advisors trade just with one click.
It is time to maximize your trading potentials, monitoring and keeping track of your accounts, Use those tools to improve your performances,  managing clients reports monthly, quarterly or annual, reach all your needs in trading and became an excellent Money Manager, get started today!