Start a Forex brokerage: Get your financial independence

Start a Forex brokerage:   Foreign exchange market – Forex was deregulated in 1977 to allow individuals to access the market.  

Currently the Forex(FX)  market is trading over $4 trillion on average; which means there is a big opportunity for earning money by getting involved in this huge market. 

There are different options to make money in the Forex market; such as, trading currencies. Currency trading is the most popular way to make money in the FX market. It takes a lot of time and requires discipline and practice to get to the point of profitability. But once you reached the skills for trading successfully it is possible to make an interesting amount of money daily. 
For investors that do not want to get too involved and are not really interested in understanding the market, hiring a broker or a money manager are good options since the commissions and fees are not too expensive.
To be able to start a Forex brokerage business it is necessary to:
-Be a certified broker: Clearing the Forex certification exam, it can be different from country to country. After that, it is necessary to register your brokerage and get the appropriate permissions. This is a process that requires time and money.
-Create a website: This is a must since Forex is mainly an online business.
– Purchase software licenses and servers: It is necessary to pay for the licenses of the software and for yearly renewal; also to be able to run the website with all the structure, a dedicated server is needed.
-Content service company:  a data provider for currency quotes, and other information needs to be hire.
Start a Forex brokerage is not cheap if is started independently. But with the support of a bigger company the process is cheaper and faster. Since a big brokerage firm has already all that is necessary to help you set up your own brokerage, starting by being an Introducing Broker or a White Label partnership is recommended.
Tradeview has all that is necessary to help you start a Forex brokerage as an IB or a White label. You will have access to different trading platforms such as Metatrader 4, Unitrader and Currenex. You will get your own website and all the tools you need to track customers and monitor your commissions so that you will be able to focus on your client while Tradeview takes care of the technical work.