Autotrading, is a revolution in the online trade market

To understand Autotrading, we will start with a basic but clear definition of it. It could be define as a trading strategy where orders, either buy or sell are placed automatically based on an underlying program. 

The buy or sell orders are sent to be executed in the market when the criteria required is met. Those orders are usually used by active traders who enter and exit positions at higher rate than the average investor.  

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Autotrading: A Strategic Approach

Autotrading Autotrading is just the latest from of trading Forex. From fully electronic trading to trading online, Forex has come a long way in recent years and the result has been massive growth in terms of both the volume of trades and the number of people trading. Some traders are dedicated to Forex fulltime whereas as others use trading Forex as a means of subsidizing their income. The beauty of modern trading is that innovations such as autotrading have drastically reduced the amount of time and effort a trader need commit to Forex in order to trade successfully. Seguir leyendo “Autotrading: A Strategic Approach”

Autotrading: A New Age

Autotrading Autotrading is just the latest in a long line of technological developments that have transformed how we trade Forex. 1971 saw the emergence of fully electronic trading and from there it wasn’t long before fully online trading emerged and revolutionized what Forex trading is and how it works. Online trading permits traders a great deal of freedom as they can work independently from any internet connected device. Being able to trade easily from home and the office has greatly increased the appeal of trading Forex for a great many curious professionals. Seguir leyendo “Autotrading: A New Age”

Autotrading: The New Way to Trade Forex

AutotradingAutotrading simply wasn’t possible a few years ago. It speaks volumes that Forex trading has advanced to the point of completely automated trading in recent years. Since the arrival of online trading the innovations have been coming thick and fast; autotrading represents just the latest innovation in a long line of innovations that have helped to make Forex trading less tedious and more accessible for everyone. This growth has created a demand for both high quality brokers and high quality trading platforms that can handle a wide range of demands, e.g. Metatrader 4 and Unitrader. Seguir leyendo “Autotrading: The New Way to Trade Forex”

Forex Autotrading: Time Saved is Time Earned

Forex AutotradingForex autotrading allows trader to manage their Forex careers in far less time than was previously possible. Not only does has this provided dedicated traders with a lot more time to study, network and plot their trades, it has also swung open the doors of Forex trading to previously inaccessible demographics. Seguir leyendo “Forex Autotrading: Time Saved is Time Earned”

Autotrading: Nice and Easy

AutotradingAutotrading is a distinctly modern way to trade currencies; that’s because not too long ago it was impossible! Forex only really got rolling as a widespread online industry in the last 10-15 years or so. Before that Forex was very different and so was the typical Forex trader. Aside from autotrading the biggest impact that Internet enabled trading has had on the market is to increase the number of people trading by over 100% as well as diversify the range of demographics trading Forex. Seguir leyendo “Autotrading: Nice and Easy”