Forex Broker – UniTrader: Forex assistance for forex success

Forex BrokerForex broker word of mouth says it all: UniTrader is a unique and pioneering trading software and an excellent choice for a successful foreign currency market trading.
This state-of-the-art software represents a new generation of trading platforms that was designed and built as an easy and logical instrument for active traders looking for an edge, a forex edge. Seguir leyendo “Forex Broker – UniTrader: Forex assistance for forex success”

Forex broker – Is your trading good enough for $10,000?

Forex BrokerForex broker strategies, skills and emotions are usually put to the test when the market opens and adrenaline starts to move to the beat of financial fluctuations.
And now, the chance to oscillate under the same real market conditions as the pros — without risking actual capital — and gain trading experience while having the chance to win some cash is here for all forex brokers and enthusiasts out there.
Welcome to the most attractive forex broker competition:  skilled contestants from all over the world test their trading abilities by improving a $100,000 worth of “fantasy equity” while competing for the big $10,000 prize of real money. Seguir leyendo “Forex broker – Is your trading good enough for $10,000?”

Forex broker – Euro coming closer to the $1,20 mark

Forex BrokerForex broker reports are witnessing a constant downward trend from the Euro, who suffered another debilitating week and is dangerously approaching the 1,20 mark.
Paradoxically, this current frailty could represent a lifesaver for the European monetary union. “The Euro is continually loosing investing appeal and faces pressure from other currencies as less and less investors are willing to keep it in their portfolios”, explains Kathleen Brooks, a broker analyst at Seguir leyendo “Forex broker – Euro coming closer to the $1,20 mark”

Forex broker – US job market boost: Isolated event or recovery sign?

Forex BrokerForex broker attention is currently focused on U.S financial news, as the number of workers filing applications for jobless benefits fell to the lowest level in more than four years.

About 350,000 people filed for initial jobless claims in the week ended July 7, down 26,000 from the previous week, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The figure marks the lowest level of claims since March 2008, falling behind the 375,000 mark expected by economists. Seguir leyendo “Forex broker – US job market boost: Isolated event or recovery sign?”

Forex broker – Get started with your practice account

Forex BokerForex broker newcomers have in a practice account the best way to firmly stand on their own two feet while slowly learning to walk towards a stable forex career.
Just sign up for a practice account and you are now ready to simulate a real financial operation with no real money and no actual risk involved, but with all the excitement and volatility that the forex market has in store for you. Seguir leyendo “Forex broker – Get started with your practice account”

Forex Broker – Introducing Broker: The best Forex assistance

Forex BrokerForex broker demographics are rapidly expanding as more people are turning to online trading for new and accessible ways of learning how financial markets work and the possibility of making money off them. Seguir leyendo “Forex Broker – Introducing Broker: The best Forex assistance”

Forex broker – White label Partnership

Forex brokerThe forex broker White Label program is especially designed for individuals and financial institutions who want to create their own forex brand and achieve a recognized and steady presence in the Foreign Exchange market.
Setting up a forex trading firm can be very costly and time consuming in terms of establishing proper infrastructure, acquiring regulatory approval and hiring specialized staff.
But with the White Label Partnership individual brokers can now offer their client list the most efficient and cutting edge technology, with an experienced technical support team assuring safe operations every step of the way and a fully branded and customized GTS trading platform. Seguir leyendo “Forex broker – White label Partnership”

Forex Broker – FOMC announcement to stir markets

Forex online tradingForex Broker attention will be aimed at the FOMC press conference taking place today, at 18:15 GMT.
Analysts are predicting the Fed will extend its current bond-buying program to help in the U.S economic recovery deterioration, as shown in the latest economic figures. If true, the Euro could see additional gains during the evening session, just as it did yesterday despite German ZEW economic sentiment suffering a sharp drop. Seguir leyendo “Forex Broker – FOMC announcement to stir markets”

Forex broker – Scalping

Forex BrokerForex broker styles are usually defined after the trader has had some experience in the market and is then in a position to seriously consider variables such as time and available resources to devote to forex trading.
There are many different trading styles and market approaches that a broker can subscribe to, but most of them can be grouped in a small number of categories that boil down to varying degrees of exposure to the market.
Short term, high frequency trading, or scalping, is unlike short-term trading in most other markets. A short-term trade in stocks or commodities usually means holding a position for a day to several days at least. But because of the liquidity and narrow bid/offer spreads in currencies, prices are constantly fluctuating in small increments. Seguir leyendo “Forex broker – Scalping”

Forex Broker – 4 psychological pitfalls that can work against any broker

Forex BrokerForex Broker trading frequently comes down to two things: experience and psychology. Once you familiarize yourself with the ups and downs of the market, forex becomes a familiar place where you can put your new acquired expertise to good use.
But experienced traders can tell you that as familiarity grows some psychological obstacles might get in the way of a successful long-term forex broker trading. Of course they will also tell you that if the road didn’t have any obstacles, there wouldn’t be a point taking it in the first place. Seguir leyendo “Forex Broker – 4 psychological pitfalls that can work against any broker”