A Forex Broker is your Key to Success

Forex brokerWith more people than ever entering the market there’s really never been a better time to start trading. The majority of these new traders have an online trading account with a forex broker. Good forex brokers offer their clients a range of excellent services. Seguir leyendo “A Forex Broker is your Key to Success”

As an Introducing Broker, you’re a valuable member of the Forex team

Introducing brokerThe role of an Introducing Broker encompasses the simple task of directing clients to trade ‘Over the Counter’ instruments with Tradeview Forex. As the client increases operations volume in his account, the Introducing Broker generates more commissions for himself.
Big and successful Introducing Brokers are typically well-connected people, knowledgeable of the financial markets and have the availability to assist their clients to grow towards becoming successful traders. Seguir leyendo “As an Introducing Broker, you’re a valuable member of the Forex team”

New contributor

Introducing brokerForex Review- Starting today Tradeview will have a new series in addition to our Admin series. “Info” will be posting tips and tricks for IBs, Money Managers and Individual Traders. We will not be giving advice on the ups and downs of the markets but rather simple rules that may help our partners focus on their goals. Seguir leyendo “New contributor”

Why Hire an Introducing Broker?

Introducing BrokerWhen new traders seek advice about how they should begin trading they are often disappointed by what they hear. Nine times out of ten they are told ‘Hire an introducing broker’. Their disappointed is understandable, after all many people become Forex traders because they want to become independent, and they don’t want to rely on other parties for their income.

The fact is though that trading through an introducing broker does not represent a compromise in terms of autonomy or quality of performance. Seguir leyendo “Why Hire an Introducing Broker?”

Introducing Brokers Turn Contacts into Profit

Forex Introducing BrokerHow many of us have aspired to become Forex traders only to discover our early trades don’t work out the way we wanted? Does this mean we have give up our dreams of making big bucks from the Forex? Not at all, you can still have your slice of the Forex pie if you’ve got what it takes to be an introducing broker. But what are introducing brokers? Seguir leyendo “Introducing Brokers Turn Contacts into Profit”

Introducing Broker – A way to run your own business

Introducing brokerAfter the global financial crisis, wages in all industries were reduced and opportunities to find a new job are also decreasing each day. Most entrepreneurs around the world were looking for new opportunities to diversify their portfolios and the Tradeview Introducing Broker Program is capturing the attention of smart entrepreneurs from around the globe.
When you are registered as an official representative of  Tradeview in your country, you receive a unique website for your own business and all the tools required to be recognized as a successful Introducing Broker. Your main function is finding new traders for the company; you will be paid generous commissions on every trade your clients make. Seguir leyendo “Introducing Broker – A way to run your own business”