Forex rebates

Forex Rebate is a cash-back deal that can save you a lot of money when trading; it is a small deduction from an amount of money to be paid or a return of a part of an amount given in a payment. 

Traders can get cash back each time a trade is executed, however traders gain back an amount of cash every time they open and close a position.

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Forex rebates – Extra profit with your forex trading

Forex RebatesForex rebates is an effective and easy way to bring up your forex profits to new heights, by earning commissions upon every trade and totally free of cost.
The idea of getting cash back every time you trade in the forex market is relatively new, however, it has proven to be in great demand as there are lots of companies that are offering this service.
For example, just two years ago a spread of 2 pips on EUR/USD, which is the most traded currency pair in the market, was considered a low spread. Today, brokers try to beat that by offering fixed spread of 1.2 pips or variable narrowed down to 0.1 pips. Seguir leyendo “Forex rebates – Extra profit with your forex trading”

Forex rebates – get paid for trading

Forex rebatesForex rebates are a simple and reliable way of getting more value from your forex trading. Just open a trading account, choose an Introducing Broker (IB) and pick the broker you want. Is that easy. And did we also mention is free?
Simply put, forex rebates is money paid by the broker to the IB everytime you place an order. The provider, in turn, gives a high percentage of this money back to you. This could sound like another marketing scheme for any skeptic out there, but it is actually a quite simple win-win scenario: The broker gets more clients, the IP get commissions and you get your rebates. Seguir leyendo “Forex rebates – get paid for trading”