Outsourced Forex Dealing Solutions: A Helping Hand

Outsourced Forex Dealing SolutionsOutsourced Forex dealing solutions allow small to medium sized brokers to stay competitive and grow continually. There are many reasons to outsource technical broker activities, but it all boils down to minimizing cost, maximizing quality of service and increasing sales. Seguir leyendo “Outsourced Forex Dealing Solutions: A Helping Hand”

Autotrading: Nice and Easy

AutotradingAutotrading is a distinctly modern way to trade currencies; that’s because not too long ago it was impossible! Forex only really got rolling as a widespread online industry in the last 10-15 years or so. Before that Forex was very different and so was the typical Forex trader. Aside from autotrading the biggest impact that Internet enabled trading has had on the market is to increase the number of people trading by over 100% as well as diversify the range of demographics trading Forex. Seguir leyendo “Autotrading: Nice and Easy”

Ten Reasons New Traders Lose money: Reason #4

Forex TraderReason Number 4: No Discipline…

In any new venture you make it is imperative that you have a plan and you stick to it. Trading is no different. Developing a plan and following it is fundamental to success when trading. Although there are extenuating circumstances that may change your plan remember to change your plan first then change what you are doing. the shoot first ask questions later attitude can call any Forex trader.

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