Online Trading Forex: The New Wave

Online Trading Forex Online trading Forex represents a new wave in finance. It’s hard to overstate what a profound impact rapidly developing information technology has had on Forex trading since the NASDAQ first introduced fully electronic trading in 1971. From there it wasn’t long until high speed internet connections and affordable personal computers ushered in the era of the online trader. Seguir leyendo “Online Trading Forex: The New Wave”

Forex Online Trading: The Digital Age

Forex Online TradingForex online trading neatly represents everything that is great about living and working in the digital age. Trading Forex was once a tediously slow, difficult process, and if for whatever reason your broker decided not to answer his phone it was literally impossible to place an order. The digital age brought with it unthinkable levels of automation and efficiency. This in turn spurred previously unimaginable levels of growth as large untapped demographics were suddenly able to get involved in Forex and develop quickly as traders. Seguir leyendo “Forex Online Trading: The Digital Age”

Introducing Broker Basics

Introducing brokerIntroducing broker is a rewarding and exciting career. As Forex grows and new demographics rapidly emerge more and more people are realizing that they can forge successful careers as introducing brokers.

Introducing brokers are of great use to brokers and traders alike and as such their impact on the market has been overwhelmingly positive. An introducing broker doesn´t trade Forex, though he is expected to know a bit about the process. The introducing broker´s job is to explain the potential of Forex trading to would be traders. Seguir leyendo “Introducing Broker Basics”

Forex IB: A Profitable Alliance

Forex IBForex IB priorities are to grow their partners’ brokerages and to see that the traders they recruit become successful and financially prosperous. They can also learn a lot and earn well along the way. As such a Forex IB partnership is a profitable alliance for all concerned, but only if the IB has got what it takes. Seguir leyendo “Forex IB: A Profitable Alliance”

Introducing Broker Programs Take Off

Introducing brokerIntroducing broker programs are fast becoming one of the main draws of any respectable online brokerage. As a result brokers are enjoying record returns and new brokers are climbing faster than ever before. An introducing broker is basically a recruitment specialist for an established Forex broker; in addition they are also teachers and advisors for their clients. IBs don’t usually trade Forex; instead they make rebates on their clients’ trades. This provides them with a great deal of incentive to seek out capable professionals who have what it takes to become prosperous Forex traders. Seguir leyendo “Introducing Broker Programs Take Off”

Forex Introducing Broker: Reach for the Stars

Forex Introducing BrokerForex introducing broker programs have quickly become a staple of all major online brokerages. Brokerages are beginning to realize that the best way to recruit new clients is through their peers. This is because when it comes to online business, i.e. business for which geographic is location is not an important factor; trust is the number one factor that determines the likelihood of a sale. Seguir leyendo “Forex Introducing Broker: Reach for the Stars”

White Label Forex: Get the Essentials

White label forexWhite label Forex introducing brokers tend to be a lot more successful than their free lance counterparts. Though ordinary introducing brokers might make more money from any given trade or trader, they often experience a range of difficulties as a result of operating independently. Seguir leyendo “White Label Forex: Get the Essentials”

White Label Forex Guidelines

White label forexWhite label Forex introducing brokers are usually a lot more high profile and prosperous than their independent counterparts. This isn’t just a matter of credibility; they’re usually the most qualified as well. Perhaps we’ve jumped the gun a little bit, before we continue let’s go over what Forex trading is all about and what an introducing broker does. Seguir leyendo “White Label Forex Guidelines”

Forex White Label: How the Best IBs Get Ahead

Forex White LabelForex white label programs are now a staple of most brokerages. This is no surprise as it makes sense as a business strategy for both brokerages and introducing brokers. It only takes a few hours to become an introducing broker and earn a comfortable living, so let’s take a look at what it’s all about. Seguir leyendo “Forex White Label: How the Best IBs Get Ahead”

Introducing Broker Explains his Trade

Introducing brokerIntroducing broker programs are one of the fastest growing fields of Forex. With high speed Internet now the norm in many households it’s never been easier to get involved in Forex, be it as a trader, introducing broker or a number of other careers. For those of you who don’t know what an introducing broker is, we have one on hand to field your questions. Seguir leyendo “Introducing Broker Explains his Trade”