Online Gold Trading: The Gold Standard of Forex

Online Gold TradingOnline gold trading is one of the most exciting and rewarding fields of Forex. Gold is a unique commodity and often demonstrates fascinating relationships with currencies and economic systems. Thanks to modern advancements in information technology anyone can set up an account and start online gold trading in just a few hours. Seguir leyendo “Online Gold Trading: The Gold Standard of Forex”

Online Gold Trading: A Safe Haven

Online Gold TradingrOnline gold trading is one of the fastest growing sectors of Forex. The global recession has had a remarkable effect on gold trading driving the price up to a record $1538.35 an ounce. Seguir leyendo “Online Gold Trading: A Safe Haven”

Gold Trading is Bigger than Ever

Gold tradingGold trading has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. April 27th saw a new record for the value of gold: $1538.35 an ounce. So why the sudden surge in popularity? Traders tend to buy up gold when confidence is low in traditionally strong currencies, especially the US dollar. Seguir leyendo “Gold Trading is Bigger than Ever”

Online Gold Trading: 21st Century Gold Rush

Online Gold TradingOnline gold trading is currently seeing record high numbers. With generation spanning heavyweights like the U.S. dollar and the Yen currently looking riskier and riskier traders are flocking to old reliables like gold to ensure their survival. Of course this is not a new phenomenon; wealthy investors have been buying up gold for years in order to avoid potentially devastating currency fluctuations, for example the catastrophic fall of Cold War era Russia’s ruble. Let’s review what makes online gold trading distinct from trading currencies. Seguir leyendo “Online Gold Trading: 21st Century Gold Rush”

Gold Trading: The Original Heavy Metal Tops the Charts Again

Gold TradingGold trading is considered to be the safe bet when traditionally strong currencies start to fall. On April 27th traders responding to the falling dollar and rumors that the Federal Reserve would sustain a loose monetary policy, drove the price of gold up to an all time high: $1538.35 an ounce.  With the global recession dragging on it seems unlikely this gold lust is going to be satiated any time soon so for the uninitiated let’s take a look at what gold trading is all about. Seguir leyendo “Gold Trading: The Original Heavy Metal Tops the Charts Again”