Unitrader: Quick economic review

Unitrader users and other traders might be interested in the news about the global economy for this week (the week of July 1st, 2013); the dollar hit a one-month high against the yen at 100.72 yen and rose to a near five-week peak against a basket of currencies. This was based on expectations that Friday's U.S. jobs data will bolster the chances that the Fed will scale back its stimulus measures sooner than expected, according to Reuters.

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Unitrader: A new generation of trading platforms

Unitrader: Forex trading seems to be difficult for many people but it is not as complicated as it looks. Nowadays, it is easy to find a bunch of tools that are specially designed to make trading activity easier for traders.

Trading platforms are tools that are designed to create a gateway between the traders and the Forex market.

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Forex online trading – UniTrader Summer Fantasy Markets Contest

Forex online trading Forex online trading brings the trading opportunity of a lifetime to all forex enthusiasts out there who want to test their trading abilities and compete against other brokers for a $10,000 grand prize.
Beginning June 7th, 2012 and going for the whole summer, the UniTrader Summer Fantasy Markets Contest will allow all UniTrader users the opportunity to test their trading knowledge and style, improve a $100.000 fantasy equity over a three month period and go for the $10.000 grand prize. Seguir leyendo “Forex online trading – UniTrader Summer Fantasy Markets Contest”

Introducing Broker: Go for Broker!

Introducing brokerIntroducing broker duties are usually divided up between recruiting new traders and guiding their early careers. Both are a big responsibility but introducing brokers enjoy considerable rewards for their efforts, they usually receive rebates on every trade their clients make and they sometimes receive generous bonuses for a consistently high performance. This means that an introducing broker is usually a highly motivated and dynamic worker. Seguir leyendo “Introducing Broker: Go for Broker!”

Online Trading Forex: Fast and Easy Trading

Online Trading ForexOnline trading Forex is a vastly different experience to trading currencies thirty years ago. Whereas once it was necessary to spend half the day on the phone to your broker just to get a few orders placed, nowadays traders are a lot more autonomous, efficient and adventurous. It’s amazing how streamlined and easy Forex trading has become as a result of powerful, internet connected personal computers. Seguir leyendo “Online Trading Forex: Fast and Easy Trading”

Forex IB: A Man on the Inside

Forex IBForex IB programs have become a staple of any successful online brokerage. Most brokers now realize that a small team of talented, motivated introducing brokers can yield a great deal of revenue over time. Clients also appreciate the service they receive from a Forex IB and a good introducing broker program is a draw for ambitious professionals as well. Let’s consider some of the reasons why Forex IBs are so popular. Seguir leyendo “Forex IB: A Man on the Inside”