The U.S. dollar fell against Euro in currency trading accounts


U.S. index indicators and business confidence improved in Germany, bad news for the greenback. The US dollar may continue falling against the euro, as signs of global economic recovery increased the demand for riskier currencies. The dollar fall may happen before economic forecast expectations, U.S. index indicators are improving this week and business confidence increased in Germany. The US dollar closed at $1.50154 per euro in currency trading accounts, it is the highest level reached this week and as we mentioned above the trend could continue in the future.The Australian and New Zealand dollars fell, touching the highest level in more than 14 months. Australia’s currency fell to 92.78 U.S. cents from 92.92 cents in New York yesterday, the highest since August 2008. New Zealand’s dollar fell to 75.77 U.S. cents from 76.05 cents. The fall in Australian dollar is closely related with the announcement made by policy makers about the stability of exchange rates. For more information, please read our post from yesterday and know the latest currency activity change.