U.S. stocks fell for a third day, after a drop in consumer confidence indexes


In CFD´s Trading Accounts, U.S. stocks fell for a third day after an increase in demand for a Treasury auction and an unexpected drop in consumer confidence indexes. This fall in Stocks is concerning investors about the strength of the economic recovery.

Nouriel Roubini said in his weekly journal that “Investors worldwide are borrowing dollars to buy assets including equities and commodities, fueling giant bubbles that may spark another financial crisis”. Roubini professor of macroeconomics at New York University and a potential Nobel Prize in Economics.

Gold fell for a fourth straight session, the longest slide since August, amid concern that the dollar will extend a rally, curbing demand for the precious metal as an alternative asset. The dollar rose against a basket of six major currencies, adding to three consecutive advances since Oct. 21, when it touched a 14-month low. Gold, which often moves inversely to the greenback, has dropped 2.7 percent in the past four sessions.