Unitrader: A new generation of trading platforms

Unitrader: Forex trading seems to be difficult for many people but it is not as complicated as it looks. Nowadays, it is easy to find a bunch of tools that are specially designed to make trading activity easier for traders.

Trading platforms are tools that are designed to create a gateway between the traders and the Forex market.

There are many platforms that cover different kinds of necessities. Unitrader was designed with the vision to be the preferred tool by Introducing Brokers and White Labels. But it also can be used by any trader.
What makes this tool different from others?  Usually trading platforms are designed to satisfy market-makers for managing their customer base and also to attract the end user; while Unitrader represents a new generation of trading platforms. These trading platforms have created an integrated relationship between market makers, financial brokers, IB’s, white labels, and money managers.
Unitrader provides customizable options and real-time information including:
-The price quotes on Forex pairs and other rates. Trade based on real and current information.
-Real- time trading from your Unitrader account and if you have more than one, information of each one. This way the situation of each account is always known.
-Detailed information of all your orders including market proximity. Modify or remove orders, monitor your balance, equity, margin use, and all of your account details in real time.
-Preset stops/limits to manage your risk.  This helps in avoiding money loss in trades that should not be made.
-Follow the performance of each of your positions, profits and losses.
-Setting a stopping or closing a position.
-See the past performances of your previous positions detailed and easy to read, allowing you to decide your next movement.
-Live news feed. This allows you to keep track on the world changes.
Unitrader provides multilingual trading interface, a back office for IBs and money managers. And also demo accounts to explore before making that final decision. One of the most interesting features is the free of charge white labeling with the possibility of customization of your own platform with your website and your company’s logo.