Unitrader: Next generation trading

Unitrader is one of the most popular trading platforms among traders, from the experienced traders to the novice´s. 

This platform was designed with the purpose of providing friendly trading to individual traders, introducing brokers, white labels and market makers as well. 

Unitrader offers a tool that is easy to navigate, which allows the trader to work with the platform easily; it also offers the possibility to have detailed information about orders, including fixes stops and limits and others. It also offers the option of customizing the instruments that are relevant for the trader, that way it will display just the preferred elements.  It is also possible to control the opened positions and supervise the balance, equity and margin of all the traders’ accounts in real time. To start, the trader can open a demo account to get to know how the platform works and practice trading skills without risking real money.
The platform was designed for the trading of financial instruments such as stocks, ETFs, indices, commodities and currencies.
For IBs, Unitrader offers a fully branded platform, also an IB center where the IB can see their clients’ activities for demo or live accounts and manage those accounts. The platform allows the trader to set up their own commissions that will be charged to the customers under certain limits and negotiate the rebates, insert the link of their website in the platform and open demo or live accounts for IBs clients.
Unitrader also offers a platform specific for market makers, where they can manage the market risk, trades and positions from clients of all kinds such as retail traders, introducing brokers and money managers. 
To download Unitrader, it is free and many brokerage agencies offer to open demo and real accounts with the possibility of downloading this amazing platform.