Which Metatrader Download Should I Choose?

Metatrader DownloadFor about a decade now the Metatrader line of software platforms have been the dominant applications in the world of currency and commodity trading. Currently the most successful Metatrader download, Metatrader 4, enjoys dominance in range of territories, including the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia. However all that is about to change as the arrival of Metatrader 5 signals a new beginning for online Forex trading.
So which Metatrader download you choose?
Well the simple answer is Metatrader 5 but allow me to elaborate. This Metatrader download offers a range of fully updated features. Particularly worthy of mention are the improved Electronic Advisors feature and the increased range of Forex indicators available, both of which make it easier than ever to devise effective Forex strategies.
Another advantage of the newer Metatrader download is that MetaQuotes have re-written the code from scratch. This means that problems inherent in the code of Metatrader 4 have been ironed out completely. The interface has also been completely revamped; the new ‘Navigator’ interface runs more smoothly and allows traders to manage multiple accounts at once with ease.
Often traders who use Metatrader download it for its excellent security features. Metatrader 5 improves on its predecessor by utilizing the latest code encryption techniques to ensure that your valuable data is secure.
So what are some of the disadvantages of Metatrader 5?
Well because the code has been re-written from scratch since Metatrader 4, Electronic Advisors devised using previous incarnations of Metatrader are not compatible with Metatrader 5. Another change is hedging has been removed in order for Metatrader 5 to meet new industry standards. It is also impossible to manage to different-in-time orders on the same currency pair.
In the end it’s worth remembering, traders who choose Metatrader download it for free, so whatever version you opt for you’re going to get a top of the line application for nothing. Of course Forex traders know a good deal when they see one!