White Label Forex Opportunities

White label forexWhite label Forex programs are making it easier than ever for dedicated professionals to make an impact as introducing brokers. While anyone can become an introducing broker in just a few hours, most are disappointed to find their careers start slowly with little early success. White label Forex programs are what allow IBs to start their career with a bang.

What exactly does an introducing broker do?

Introducing brokers seek out professionals who are interested in trading Forex and help them to open trading accounts and manage their careers. The introducing broker earns rebates on their client’s trades.

What is a white label Forex program?

A white label means that an introducing broker is entitled to operate under the branding of a well know Forex broker. The introducing broker refers all their clients to this particular broker in exchange for the use of their branding. The introducing broker is compensated for orders that the trader places with the white label.

What are the advantages of operating under a white label?

The biggest advantage is a boost in credibility. Most introducing brokers find their success rate increases dramatically when they can point to a respected broker as their employer. The introducing broker also enjoys access to valuable Forex contacts that work for the brokerage as well as their clients.

Another advantage is that the introducing broker can offer the services and resources of the parent broker, for example high quality trading software or 24 hour help-lines. Introducing brokers who are interested in becoming traders later on can also learn a lot about Forex from their white label.

Who do brokers use for their white labels?

Successful introducing brokers find it very easy to get a white label. Aside from them, people who work in the financial sector or another sector of Forex are likely candidates for a white label Forex program.