White Label Solutions: How Introducing Brokers Up their Games

White label SolutionsWhite label solutions are the quickest way for a new introducing broker to rise fast and get noticed.

What is an introducing broker?

Forex trading is expanding at a dizzying speed with emerging markets and Forex online trading making it possible for more players than ever to get involved. However not everybody has the reserves of capital and experience necessary to embark on a Forex trading career. One way for such players to participate in Forex trading is to become an introducing broker.

An introducing broker does not make trades but instead concentrates on developing and managing contacts with Forex traders. An introducing broker persuades a trader to open an account with a particular broker and then receives a commission on the trades they make. The role of the introducing broker is to listen to and concentrate on the needs of their clients while designating the actual trading to other parties.

White label solutions mean that an established Forex broker is willing to let you use their name, branding and a whole lot of other perks in exchange for exclusive access to the introducing broker’s clients. The biggest benefit for the introducing broker is a big shot of credibility, and in a market that is more wary of scams than ever it really pays to have iron clad credibility.

By associating themselves with an online broker, introducing brokers also gain access to expensive trading software like Metatrader 4. Metatrader 4 is the ideal platform for new traders and being able to offer it via your broker is a big boon when it comes to closing clients.

Many introducing brokers plan to graduate to trading once they’ve obtained the necessary capital and contacts to be successful. White label solutions are the ideal way to achieve this as the association with the white label is often the best way to gather contacts in as short a time as possible. Anyone interested in a career as an introducing broker should definitely contact their broker today and see what kind of white label solutions are on offer.