White Label Solutions: Rise Fast in the World of Forex

White label SolutionsWhite label solutions are what enable new introducing brokers to rise fast and be successful.

Hold on what is an introducing broker anyway?

An introducing broker is a Forex affiliate who doesn’t trade Forex but rather seeks out new traders and helps them manage their accounts. The actual trading is delegated to a Futures Commissions Merchant so the introducing broker is free to concentrate on the needs of their clients. Many prominent traders start their careers as introducing brokers as it allows them to develop funding, contacts and an understanding of market dynamics, before they begin trading.

White label solutions allow introducing brokers to operate under the label of an established Forex broker in exchange for exclusive access to their clients. The introducing broker still makes commissions on their client’s trades and they also have the good name of their white labeler to help them close more clients.

White labeling is extremely beneficial in that the high risk of Forex scams and mismanagement mean trust is the number one element of Forex relationships. If you want to be trusted a white label shows new traders that you know what you’re talking about and a trusted Forex broker has confidence in you.

The other main benefit of white labeling is the amount of guidance and education you will receive from your white label. As we stated many people become introducing brokers as a stop gap towards becoming traders later on, for these IBs a white label is an extremely important source of information as to how Forex trading works. IBs can also learn a lot by examining the careers of their clients.

Typical candidates for white label solutions include anyone working in the financial services industry or any industry that includes players who might be interested in trading. If that includes you then what are you waiting for? Sign on today and start earning!