White Label Solutions: Up your Game as an Introducing Broker

White label SolutionsWhite label solutions enable innovative sellers the opportunity to make money from Forex without risking a penny. With over three million dollars changing hands every day it’s no surprise to learn that there’s more than one way to earn money from Forex. The most obvious and potentially profitable way to earn from Forex is become a trader.
However many people cannot commit to the long hours of research and experimentation necessary to make informed, effective trades. Others, especially newcomers, do not wish to risk considerable amounts of capital in an unpredictable market. If these people have contacts who are interested in trading Forex they are good candidates for white label solutions.
An introducing broker gathers potential traders as contacts and then refers them to a broker in exchange for commissions on their trades. Though in depth knowledge of Forex is an advantage an introducing broker really only needs to have or generate good contacts to be successful. Many introducing brokers plan to become traders eventually when they believe they have developed a good understanding of the market, a good range of contacts and a sufficient amount of capital to stake.
A white label means that an established broker is willing to sponsor an introducing broker. This means that the introducing broker can use the broker’s branding as well as gain access to useful software and the guidance of experienced traders. This relationship is beneficial for the introducing broker in that the recognized brand lends them a great deal of credibility thus increasing their capacity to sell and earn rebates.
The advantage to the white label is simple: they receive a constant flow of new customers from their introducing brokers. White label solutions are a mutually beneficial arrangement and for this reason you’ll find no shortage of brokers offering the service, now all you have to do is gather those contacts!