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Adesso puoi accedere ai migliori prezzi Bid/Ask da oltre 50 fornitori di liquidità.


Tradeview con la sua esecuzione di tipo ECN non applica markup sullo spread, offrendo commissioni bassissime da €2.50 per lotto per lato. I nostri costi commissionali sono tra i più bassi del settore.

Account minimo

A Partire da 1000€ July 31.

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3 piattaforme da scegliere, 30 giorni per imparare!

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Niente trucchi, Nessuna promozione ridicola, Nessuno sponsor sportivo, SOLO TRADING SERIO
alle Migliori condizioni del settore.

Trade in a true ECN environment
with no dealing desk or price manipulation.

ECN technology

ECN technology gives Tradeview the ability to aggregate its LPs, building an order book and providing a best bid best offer to its clients.

NO volume minimum

Tradeview's Innovative Liquidity connector has NO volume minimum.

Prime liquidity providers

Tradeview has partnered with over 50 different banks and prime liquidity providers to deliver access to competitive pricing via a BBO (Best Bid/Best Offer) system.

LD4 data center CNS

The trading serves are located in the LD4 data center of CNS. They are connected via a fiber glass cable connection to our many liquidity partners.

Positive slippage

Positive slippage is not filtered


Tradeview’s innovative liquidity connector has NO volume minimum.

STEP 1. Tradeview clients benifit recieving pricing from over 50 Top tier Liquidity providers

(Countless Years of developing many relationships and credit lines with top tier LPs to give Traders Choice pricing)


Technology shows the best BID/OFFER from over 50 Different Liquidity providers

Tradeview's Innovative Liquidity Connector

STEP 3. Client sees an oportunity and executes a trade

The fastest execution and lowest spreads in the industry allow the trader to get the most of every trade

Fastest execution

STEP 4. Trade executes at 1

or more of our liquidity partners at the best price

Trade executes at 1
Tadeviewforex About Us

" We have promised from day one that we will not get involved in any gimmicks, ridiculous promotions or fancy sponsorships, just serious trading in the best trading environment in the industry... we further this commitment by now providing the tightest spreads in the industry with absolutely no mark-ups, coupled with our word-class customer service... call it an awakening. I felt it was time to stir things up and give our customers the same rates I am privy to when I trade "

Timothy Furey
Founder and CEO of Tradeview Markets.