Tradeview 出金フォーム



ご出金はご入金された方法と同じである必要がございます(利益分は銀行, bitwallet, bitpay, Upholdをご利用ください)


出金手数料: $35 bank wire fee | $1 transfer fee for bitwallet |1% to 1.5% withdrawal fee for Skrill and Neteller ※会計部署は週末がお休みとなりますのでご留意ください

Disclaimer: The undersigned hereby authorizes Tradeview LTD to initiate payments to the account indicated above. The account holder certies that the information provided is accurate and truthful. Client authorizes, Tradeview LTD to verify any and all of the above information. Further, client authorizes Tradeview LTD to convert funds from one currency type to another currency type, as directed within this document, or specied by client over the phone or fax. As a protection to both itself and its valued clients, Tradeview LTD requires a scanned copy of a passport/government issued identification (with photo) to process any withdrawals. Failure to submit a photo ID will result in a delay in your withdrawal request. A withdrawal form is not considered to be in good order unless you have previously submitted a copy of your signature and identication to Tradeview LTD.