MetaTrader 4 Bridge

Minimize risk with MetaTrader 4 Bridge

What is the MT4 Bridge connection?

  • The MT4 Bridge connection is a plug-in for the MetaQuotes software, MetaTrader 4.

  • The plug-in enables a server running MetaTrader 4 server to offload risk to another MetaTrader 4 server.

  • Any person who has their own MT4 server may not want to release all functionality to another firm. With this Bridge plug-in you retain all functionality with the ability to delegate certain accounts to the Bridge.

  • As you pass risk over the Bridge your company accounts are represented as one omnibus account and hidden on the bridged server. All back office maintenance is still under your control.

What makes Tradeview MT4 Bridge different than other solutions?

  • The MT4 Bridge connection is not your black and white solution. It provides the flexibility you would want in your own server with the option to pass your chosen risk.

  • While basic MT4 dealing would require giving access to your server to someone else, the bridge plug-in allows you to keep your information private.

  • The MT4 Bridge plug-in also allows you to control leverage, and contract size. Such calculations are done over the bridge and do not have to match up on both servers.

  • This solution is provided to you as a product and not some recommended configuration. You are physically provided the Bridge plug-in and a step-by-step guideline to install a working solution.

  • Our team at Tradeview Forex will work with you to provide the plug-in and make sure it is installed correctly on your server.

  • Simply request an NDA. A technical representative will contact you and help set you up with an omnibus account.

  • When the NDA has been returned we will send you installation information, contact information, and account information for viewing your new MT4 bridge solution.

Technical support and assistance

Even after an MT4 Bridge plug-in has been installed and activated, questions will still arise. Tradeview Forex is dedicated on helping you answer such questions and providing or finding any solution we can.

When you have received your account details you are also hooked up with our dealing desk for questions regarding your account.

Our dealing desk and technical support teams are available around the clock and look forward to a strong relationship in the MT4 environment.