MAM - Maintenance and Reconciliation

When using the Tradeview MAM it is good practice to regularly check the MetaTrader4 Administrator to ensure there are no discrepancies between master and sub accounts. We advise clients check the MetaTrader4 Administrator Journal tab for helpful information about master trades and to help solve any issues that may arise from incorrect configuration of the plugin. By entering ‘MultiMAM’ in the Journal search box and selecting ‘Full’ from the drop down box, the journal will display all MultiMAM relevant entries.

Balance discrepancies can occur between the master and sum of the sub-accounts, due to rounding or individual sub-account trading for example. Notification will be displayed here along with other information on trades that have reached stop-out, sub-accounts that have failed margin check upon allocation and general trade information. For help with understanding the necessary maintenance and reconciliation, or any journal entries please contact Tradeview support, details can be found here. We also recommend that the email address used for sending error, warning and info messages is checked regularly and any issues are reconciled.