Percentage Allocation Money Management - PAMM Software

PAMM, (Percentage Allocation Money Management) software allows money managers, currency brokers or financial planners to manage an unlimited number of accounts for their clients with an intuitive. Multiple investors accounts working with them as with a single account. PAMM is designed to keep organize transactions that could be potentially confusing.

Main features:

  • Commissions are automatically credited to the money manager's pamm account.
  • Seamless operation – no need for a restart if clients are added or subtracted.
  • Sub-accounts allow for easy management of trades.
  • Use "expert advisors" to automatically trade on a client's sub-account.
  • Same execution price for all accounts.
  • Clients have "view only" access to their accounts.
Percentage Allocation Method

Tradeview PAMM accounts offer an efficient solution to the challenges of maintaining a percentage allocation method in money management.

  • PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module): allows a Money Manager to trade a group of accounts as a single account. The profits and losses are then automatically allocated to each sub-account based on each account's share of the total pool.
  • REPORTING: A complete range of financial reports for the PAMM account can be generated from the platform at any time by both the manager and the clients.
  • COMMISSIONS: Performance fees, commissions and profits distribution programs are available to a Money Manager. All can be customized to match individual needs.

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  • Account Transparency: You can access real-time reporting on your PAMM manager's performance.
  • Flexibility with Deposits and Withdrawals: The PAMM Account gives you complete control over your investment. You can make a deposit or withdraw money from your account at any time, with no hidden fees or charges.