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The Elliott Wave Theory

The Elliott Wave Theory

The Elliott Wave Theory is a tool for technical analysis of financial markets that has several functions, all to be used just before the...

Trading Emotional Intelligence

The intellectual coefficient always served as a reference in order to define whether X or Y person possessed exceptional cognitive capacities, however it has...

Risk Management

The difference between traders and gamblers This is one of the most important topics that you can study, in my opinion every potential trader must...

Pivot Points

One of the most known ways to find support and resistance can be “Pivot Points” these points represent support or resistance levels where the...

Dumb Tax – Don’t Pay It

Read the full story HERE. There are several ways to create a thriving workplace culture that people enjoy and positively impact, as I touched on...

Trader’s Car Plan

If you are a trader or you hope to become one of the bests, you need a plan and it has to be a...

Social trading or slaughterhouse?

Every time I hear about the concept of social trading, the only thing that comes to mind is one of Gordon Gekko's famous quotes...

Build A Great Company Culture

A company is built by the people you have employed – not marketing strategies, not by replicating what the forex company next door does,...
Start your own Financial Investment Business

Start your own Financial Investment Business

How to start your own financial investment business and not fail in the attempt: In this article I’ll be talking about how to start to...

The Gold Fever

Gold is widely used in the world for jewelry, as an electronic component, for space ship construction and even in advanced medicine. Besides its...


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