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The smarter way to trade!

Have you ever wanted to automate your trade ideas but didn’t know where to start?

Well now you can by using our natural language-based interface which works seamlessly with your Tradeview MT4 platform. You no longer need to know how to code, you can simply type what you want and we will do the rest, you even have your own built in VPS so you don’t need to be stuck to the screens. Why don’t you try it for yourself by clicking this button:

Natural Language-Based Interface

  • No coding required. Use common, everyday language to program investment ideas.

Loop Your Strategy

  • Plan for the long run. Repeat your trade indefinitely when you run it in a loop, serving as your long-term investment vehicle.

Manage Positions

  • Automate everything. Program both your entry and exit and automate your trades from start to finish.

Aggregated Data

  • Act in real time. Set your conditions and automate your trades using different data sources from more than 60 sources across the web.

Free Virtual Private Server

  • Turn off your MT4 platform and go to work knowing that your trade ideas will still be working for you.

Simulation Mode

  • Test your strategy. Run your strategies in simulation mode using real-time data, totally risk-free.


  • Get notified. Set up notifications for a specified scenario, and we’ll let you know if and when it happens.

Buying Power

  • Maximize potential. Open as many strategies as you want — only strategies that are triggered will use your buying power.

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