Multi Account Manager

MetaTrader 4 Multi Account Manager

The Tradeview MAM plugin is a simple, fast, effective and reliable addition to the MetaTrader4 System. Working completely within the MetaTrader server, the Tradeview MAM is extremely diverse and can work with any method of trade generation, whether trading manually, using expert advisors or trading through the Gold-i Gate Bridge or other bridges.
The Tradeview MAM plugin allows users to assign multiple sub-accounts to a single master account. Any trade then opened by the master account will be distributed automatically among the sub-accounts, in real time; with the individual sub-account volume calculated using a simple allocation method. When a deposit or withdrawal is made to a sub-account, the corresponding master account balance will reflect this, and stay aligned with the total sub-account balance. Multiple master accounts can be configured with the plugin, each with their own corresponding sub-accounts.

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MT4 Muti Account Manager features:

  • Access to MT4 Terminal
  • Trading operations at multiple on sub accounts
  • flexible location parameters – lots, free margin, percentage, balance or actions
  • Unfolding all of trading operations on a structured tree
  • MetaQuotes approved to integration in MT4
  • Embed into a native MT4 terminal
  • The MATs can manage EAs at any number of accounts
  • Skills to close individual trading operations realized on sub accounts


  • Increase amount of trading
  • Total control of Brokers on management activities
  • Intuitive management / Trading interface
  • Unfold fast, easy and without problems

Getting Started

Step #1

You can realize trading operations using a MT4 client. The current method of localization will unfold into the Mt4 orders panel.

Step #2

After get the details of the operation, you can check again by clicking in "open Positions" then "+".

The master ticket will unfold at the begining and all of sub tickets will be located under master ticket.

Step #3

Close Trade: To close use the extension MAT – Right Click on the ticket you want to close.

Step #4

Click the button "close" on order dialogue.

Step #5

To cover a trading operation – Right click on the operation you want to cover. there will appear a window with menu to realize a wished action.

Step #6

Confirm the action by clicking "OK".

Step #7

The coverage has finished. (It means that an opposite operation has been opened).

NOTE: If making changes in the MultiMAM user interface, always click “Refresh” before making any changes as the interface does not refresh dynamically. This will allow the interface to update to the current status before attempting any changes. It is also recommended that you click refresh after having applied any changes to ensure they have been successfully committed to the server.