January 16, 2015

Tradeview LTD, a leading CIMA licensed FX Brokerage, is pleased to announce that it was largely unaffected by yesterday's extreme market volatility in the CHF due to the policy changes of the Swiss National Bank. CEO Tim Furey states, “We are proud to say we were able to calmly navigate the rough waters during yesterday’s Swiss storm.”

Tradeview's business model has been to strive for business in places where other firms do not. As a result, Tradeview has a well diversified client book, with the majority of our clients residing in South America. Combining a small percentage of clients trading CHF pairs with our unparalleled risk management systems, Tradeview was able to remain unscathed by yesterday's events.

The past 24 hours has the currency markets making front page news. To many traders, seasoned veterans as well as those starting in the business, the movement in the currency markets, i.e. Swiss Franc, was unprecedented. Whether it is a sophisticated algorithm programmer to an individual testing the direction of the wind, each trading participant observed price movements somewhat in amazement.

As teams of organizations, be it investment advisor, broker, liquidity provider, or even institutional banks on a global scale, sort through their own proprietary financial positions or that of their clients portfolio, Tradeview takes comfort that it has always, as it does now, taken the position that tenants to sound risk management practices, diversification and a rigorous understanding of the nature of FX and other markets, are not in fact just theories, but practical guidelines to actively put in place. Our trading seminars are not only forums for a cocktail or coffee break, but meant to educate those targeted investors to understanding the nature of markets, how they logistically operate, and how to preserve capital as well as to grow it. We simply take one step more than some of our competitors who just want to "fill it and bill it."

If you read the TV web site, you'll notice a wealth of information from many experts in other markets, including the equity markets, on the current state of those markets as well as information that correlates to FX, gold, interest rates, or the price of a particular stock however remotely uncoupled with currencies. TV takes an interest in such markets because our world is far reaching and dynamic. Not one dimensional. From the portfolio of our clients to the entities we trade, TV prospective is global in scope resulting in a wide ranging view of risk management whether it’s the calm waters from the Swiss Alps to the rough and tumble of world of emerging markets.

Markets will heal themselves as they always do; it’s the beauty of markets. TV has staff that traded through every financial crises going back to the inflationary cycle of the late 70s. Some learn and remain, others are unable to recover. Anticipation is vital as leaders anticipate and losers react.

Tradeview anticipates, so we are not going away. In fact as Warren Buffett exposed on so many occasions, there are opportunities in such times to learn and grow. We look forward to communicating our continued tale of sound risk management practices and helping our clients learn and grow......in fact thrive in such circumstances.

As we've told many of our clients during the past 24 hours, it is business as usual, with no changes to the company's operations.


Tradeview Markets, a wholly owned trading subsidiary of Tradeview LTD, is authorized and regulated by the Cayman Island Monetary Authority (CIMA). Its core activity is the provision of Forex and CFD products on the financial markets. Tradeview Ltd is one of the leading providers of white label financial and CFD platforms.